Thursday, June 30, 2011

jom join!!hadiah lumayan~~

ak ni bla duk umah..mmg xda keja len..
asyik nk wat keja y ada duit je..
almaklum la..nk msuk u..kna pkai duit kn..
so ak msuk byk gak la contest..
korang2 ni klu cian kt ak..tlg la ak..
jom join site ni..

ampa mau x rm1000
byk 2..
jom join ni

Always wanted to do something totally crazy?

Bungee jump off a bridge… ride the scariest roller-coaster in the world… fight a sumo wrestler… jump off a plane (with a parachute of cause)... Share your dream thrill and you might just get sponsored to do it by Nestle Drumstick!

On top of that, is giving out RM1,000 every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 4 weeks, to 1 lucky participant who joins the Nestle Drumstick contest and post it back on

join la..klu xnk pun amp klik ja link 2..pas2 kuar blik..hahahah

lagi 1..ampa nk laptop percuma tak??
suka design??
jom join contest ni plak

Draw your own laptop cover and win a DELL laptop

Think you're different from the rest? Here's your chance to express yourself on how you would decorate your laptop. The coolest part is that the most creative design will win a DELL laptop every week. Submit your design now!

apa lagi join..
klu xmau join..
mcm ak kta klik la kt link 2..
tlg2 la kwn..
huhu..amp semua kn sayang ak..

kalau suka like je la..atau tick je kt reaction :)

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  1. layha, i tag u...please take note and join it ya