Friday, July 19, 2013

That Woman

One woman loves you
She loves you with all her heart
Everyday she follows you like a shadow
She is laughing but crying

How much more How much more
Must I gaze at you like this alone
This meaningless love, this miserable love
Must I continue for you to love me

Come closer a little bit more
When I take a step closer, you run away with both feet
I who loves you, even now I’m at your side
That woman is crying

That woman is very timid
So she learnt how to laugh
There are so many things she cannot tell her closest friend
That woman’s heart is full of tears

So that woman said she
loved you because you were the same
Another fool, another fool
Won’t you hug me once before you go

I want to be loved, my dear
Everyday in my heart, in my heart
I shout out
That woman is beside you even today

Do you know that woman is me
Don’t tell me you know and are doing this to me
But you won’t know because my dear, you’re a fool

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