Sunday, January 26, 2014

story of him

dia klu ak mrajuk..x blas wechat..
dia akan anta msg..klu x reply gak
inbox fesbuk..last2 msg number lain
that show how much he love and care for me..
me??keep demanding...nk dia pujuk gak..
how terrible i am..x bersyukur lngsung
how mad i am,i always end up forgiving him
no matter what
so my dear
i am sorry for being such a childish, 
difficult to handle
but i promise u'll never find a girl that truly love u
like me <3 div="">
sy akn cuba berubah perangai kuat majuk tu..
tp x jnji...heheehe..

kalau suka like je la..atau tick je kt reaction :)


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